Creative breaks with show effect

It has to suit us! This is how you plan and how we plan for you! You start with creative breaks like the “Zwergenaufstand” and surprise with the classic Brit's Break, the Asia Break or the cheerful Funfair break. Speed up your engines with the break for car lovers and a unique prescription break with orange juice from the test tube.

Nothing is impossible. If you need the special show effect, let the creative pauses float, send a special pause greeting from the carousel or build a miniature market hall with foodtrucks.

Thematic Creative Breaks


  • "Zwergenaufstand" with 7 small and one large item
  • "Funfair" with cotton candy and buttered pretzel
  • "Coffee Shop Break" with coffee house flair
  • "Stadium" with Nachos and Hot Dogs

Branch specific creative breaks with decoration


  • "Car Break" with traffic light brioche and cross-walk brownie
  • "Pharma Break" with fog of dry ice and chocolate energy cake with mango sauce in a pipette

Country specific creative breaks with decoration


  • "Brit's Break" with fish and chips served in a vendor's tray and scones
  • "Asia Break" with sushi and fortune cookies
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