Kids @ Vienna House

Hotels are soooo boring! Elevator up, elevator down. A room, a bed, a suitcase. Ha! Not at Vienna House! Kids can become mystery checker and can inspect the house together with Joh, the little cheeky goblin so boredom doesn’t stand a chance. So get ready cuz here we go!

Become a mystery checker

Help Joh, the little cheeky goblin, to check the hotel services. Are the beds ready for a pillow fight? Is enough ketchup in the burgers and enough chocolate in the pancakes? Are the corridors suitable for adventurous discovery tours? Do the hotel employees still smile even though you keep on questioning them?
So: become a mystery checker together with Joh and explore the Vienna House!

Joh? Who's Joh?

Joh escaped from an old, dusty travel case and has been hiding at Vienna House ever since. With his playful mischief, he’s got plenty of fun ideas to keep the kids entertained. He can make himself invisible and with his red wingsuit he flies from one Vienna House to another as fast as lightning. So come on by and send the kids off looking for Joh.

Joh's story

Ready and waiting!

Vienna House offers everything for travelling with kids, a travel bed with children's bedding, a buggy to borrow, special equipment for children in the rooms, VIP treatment for the kids with game ideas and a little surprise gift. Everything is ready and you can enjoy your journey. Joh will take care of the rest ... a lot of fun!

Pretty cool!

You don't need to have deep pockets! The little ones stay for free up to the age of 3. And even for the bigger kids up to 14, you can choose from an extra bed at a lower price or a discounted rate for a separate room with connecting door.

Only for kids!

If you can’t wait until you arrive, you can get the fun started online at Joh’s fun’n’games website.

On your marks, ready, set, go!

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