Career opportunities
@ Vienna House

You can begin your career at Vienna House or prove your skills when you join as an experienced professional. Career opportunities at Vienna House are multi-faceted. The only question is what you do with them! You have the opportunity for long-term success: grow along with Vienna House – by taking responsibility and showing leadership.

Vienna House Academy

Vienna House is demanding and encouraging. The Academy provides training courses all year long. In addition to emphasis on management, leadership and communication, many specialist training courses are offered.

Job rotation or a transfer to another country is just the right thing for all who seek to gain new experience. Anyone who is looking for even more excitement can support a pre-opening and the opening of new hotels, acquiring experience with colleagues from all over Europe.

Explore the Vienna House training catalogue

VICTOR Leadership Program

The leadership programme with integrated MBA modules is tailored to fit each and every employee. Candidates work in several hotels, in various departments and are supported by the hotel director who acts as their mentor. Following successful completion of the programme, every graduate is guaranteed prospects of promotion.

"It is our responsibility as hoteliers to identify the talent at Vienna House and to offer them challenging and above all future-oriented opportunities for development." Rupert Simoner, CEO

Trainee @ Vienna House

Learning by doing. Best done with an occupation you enjoy. What are you really good at? Are you a culinary talent? Do you serve the best coffee or do you enjoy chatting with people? What you have to offer: High-quality hospitality and an understanding for genuinely good service. 

Inhouse Trainer "share your talent"

If you're really skilled at something and would like to share your talent, there is an opportunity to promote you as an in-house trainer and in this way transmit your skills to the junior staff. Vienna House gives you an additional salary for your service as a trainer.