Be yourself

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.“ (Oscar Wilde)

Vienna House emphasises authenticity. Show your personality and your skills, and love what you do! Enhance your area of responsibility with your personal touch – with us you are free to do so.

Share your talent

Play a part by sharing your skills. What are you really good at? Even if you didn't get vocational training in the hotel industry, perhaps you're exactly the person we still need in our team. Because at Vienna House it's about what truly matters: the sense of hospitality, the joy in working with people, a genuine sense of customer service, commitment and personality.

Make it simple

We believe in the beauty of simplicity! It doesn't always have to be complicated – small gestures, simple solutions and basic decisions can go a long way.

Take the initiative

Having the courage to take the initiative is worth it. You think outside the box and like to try new things. You bring your ideas to life and if something does happen to go wrong, you see that as an important experience to help you take the right steps in the future. Vienna House gives you the leeway – unencumbered by myriad standards – to shine with your skills, your heart and mind, and your personality.