Collect miles for every stay with the Miles & More programme:

500 miles

1 mile per 1 Euro spent

How does it work?

  • Fast and easy: Simply show your Miles & More card at the reception desk when you check in.

What do you get?

  • Collect miles and exchange them on the Miles & More website for a product of your choice.

Would you like to join the Miles & More programme?

  • Complete the form right in your hotel or register online.

Why Vienna House?

Let Vienna House accompany you on your travels through Europe. Experience outstanding comfort paired with excellent cuisine: perfectly tailored to your needs, whether you are on a business trip, a city break or a wellness holiday. Or simply plan to hold your next event or conference at Vienna House.


  • Miles can only be awarded to the Miles & More service cardholder if this person has checked into the hotel themselves. In all Vienna House properties 500 miles  will be awarded for the room occupied by Miles & More member. In all Vienna House Easy Hotels 1 mile will be awarded for 1 Euro spent.
  • The Miles & More card must be presented on arrival at your hotel.
  • Guests must settle their bills directly with the hotel on departure.
  • Miles will be credited per stay. A stay is defined as one or several immediately consecutive nights in the same hotel, even if the nights are booked separately.
  • The miles will be credited automatically to the cardholder's account approximately four weeks after their stay; settlement takes place monthly.
  • You receive award miles with the following bookings/rates:
    • Direct bookings made directly with the hotel by phone/via the hotel’s own website or in person at the hotel
    • Corporate contract rates booked directly with the hotel, via a corporate travel agency or via the hotel’s own website.
  • The following tariffs are excluded from mileage credit:
    • Bookings through third-parties (wholesalers, tour operators, net rates, online booking platforms) and/or special prices (such as group rates)
    • Employee and travel agent rates
  • It is not possible to earn miles from several frequent flyer programmes at the same time.
  • The Miles & More terms and conditions of participation apply.
  • Subject to change