Vienna House

“Vienna” stands for the company’s origins, for the famous quality of life and renowned hospitality. The “House” is a place that brings people together, where you as a host entertain friends and guests.

The Why

“What matters to us is being an authentic host, staying true to yourself, not putting on any masks, not getting stuck in the standard ways of doing things.

A hotel should capture the imagination. And it will if we succeed in blending refinement with authenticity and simplicity. For me, that’s when everything is perfect.”

Rupert Simoner, CEO of Vienna House

In our enthusiasm for what we do, in our love of detail, in our attentiveness and appreciation there lies a spirit that the guest can sense. After all, values are not words but an attitude you live by. Entering a Vienna House is like coming home. Exploring. Being surprised time and again. Feeling comfortable.