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Easy. Design. Business

Vienna House covers city hotels and resorts as well as conference hotels. They include individual hotels and three hotel lines. andel's by Vienna House are an example of the Design lines and angelo by Vienna House represent the vibrant and colourful Business concept. The Easy line keeps it simple with warm attentiveness and local specialities.

Vienna House Easy

The Local Host

The Easy line keeps it simple. Genuine enjoyment, warm attentiveness and local specialities are the hallmarks of these uncomplicated hotels. Breakfast in the bakery, lounge-style rooms, a co-working lobby and creative meeting areas, cool partners.

andel's by Vienna House

The design Addict

The andel's by Vienna House are an example of the Design line. Contemporary design meets style and modernity sets the tone. Exploration stands for: exciting architecture, high class cuisine and state-of-the-art conference facilities.

angelo by vienna house

The Vibrant Base

The angelo by Vienna House present the positioning of the Business line of Vienna House. The vibrant business hotels are characterised by a lively lobby and bar culture as well as the Oriental-style room design and the colour concept.

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