Our commitment to sustainable business practices was born out of a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment in our immediate sphere of influence. And that influence is not at all small, considering the following numbers:

1.6 million booked rooms*
2.6 million overnight stays*
39 million kWh*
*per year (2018)

Our Ambitions

The aim is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the opportunities of future generations. Our guests expect sustainable tourism and are sensitised when it comes to their own ecological footprint. Vienna House regularly optimises its existing processes and operational decisions with regard to its own ecological, economic and social impact and takes its role as a social ambassador seriously.

We question existing processes and new decisions: What impact do these have on the achievement of our sustainability goals? This includes new projects, new suppliers, purchasing standards, material used in our hotels, etc.

We act sustainably: We opt for sustainable solutions and implement them consistently. This includes our supply chain and its transparency, the ecological footprint of our hotels and offices, the interaction with local communities, and how we treat our colleagues and co-workers.

We are social multipliers: We encourage our target groups to act sustainably as well. We share our social commitment through our communication channels (e.g. social media, website, in-house) and give tips on how each and every one of us can make a contribution to sustainability.

Our Corporate Commitments for 2022

Reduction of the carbon footprint of all hotels by 20 % during last year
100% green energy
Use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents only
Organic & fair-trade coffee in all hotels
No plastic packaging for food and drinks 
Green Bags in all hotels - option for guest not to have their room cleaned and beeing rewarded for it
Reduction of food waste by at least 10% 
Focus on locally sourced and organic food