1. Service provider:
    Vienna House Hotelmanagement GmbH ("VIENNA HOUSE")
    Business address: Dresdner Straße 87, 1200 Vienna, Austria
    Telephone: +43 1 333 73 73-0
    Email: office[a]

  2. What are cookies?
    Internet connections are anonymous for technical reasons. The service provider cannot identify visitors to their website without additional mechanisms. Cookies are small sets of data (text files) that are generated by a web server, sent via the Internet, and stored on your end device with help of a browser programme. The website specifically uses "cookies" to recognise the user and end device upon future visits as well as to store the user's preferences or time spent on the website. Cookies are also used to display behaviour-based marketing and control advertising content.

  3. What types of cookie are there
    • First-party cookies Sent and read exclusively by the service provider's domain.
    • Third-party cookies Sent and read by the domains of other service providers.
    • Session cookies(session-id) Temporary cookies that are automatically deleted once the browser is closed. Sessions cookies allow the movements of the user on the website to be recognised and ensure information is preserved. Without cookies, websites are unable to "remember" visitors.
    • Permanent cookies These cookies are permanent and can be deleted manually, or deleted once a certain time period has elapsed. These cookies help the website remember users and their settings; e.g. language selection, menu preferences, internal bookmarks or favourites.

  4. How can a user decline cookies?
    You can find information on managing cookies in the help section of your browser, or in the manual for your end device (tablet, smartphone, etc.), e.g.
    • Chrome: chrome://settings/content/cookies
    • Firefox: about:preferences#privacy
    • Safari: safari:settings:data protection:Cookies and website data
    • Microsoft Edge: Symbol to the top-right with three dots: Settings: Browser data

  5. Restriction in functionality
    If the use of cookies is not allowed, certain functions (particularly login) and pages will not function as expected.

  6. How can a user delete cookies?
    Prevalent browsers allow the user to delete cookies that have already been saved (usually under the section "Settings" or "Data protection").

  7. Necessary cookies
    These cookies are essential for the site to operate and for participation in the required service for example, they enable security-related functionality. Additionally, this type of cookie also allows us to recognize whether you want to stay logged in to your profile so that we can provide our services to you faster when you return to our site.

  8. Statistics cookies
    To further improve our offering and website, we collect anonymised data for statistical and analytical purposes. These cookies allow us, for example, to determine the number of visitors and the impact of certain pages of our website as well as to optimise our content.

  9. Preferences cookies
    We use these cookies to help you navigate the site. For example, based on a previous hotel search, you can conveniently use the same search settings when you return to our website. In addition, we can see if you need help and provide you with a customer service representative via a chat line.

  10. Marketing cookies
    These cookies are used to display personalised content that is appropriate for your interests. This allows us to present you with offers that are particularly relevant to you and your planned trip.

  11. When may the service-provider use cookies ("necessary cookies")?
    The service provider is entitled to store cookies (so-called "necessary cookies“) on the (informed) user's terminal, the sole purpose of which is to implement or facilitate the transmission of a message via an electronic communication network, or, insofar as this is essential, to provide a participant or user with a service which the user/participant has expressly requested (Art. 5 Para. 3 of the Privacy Directive). In Opinion 4/2012 on the exemption of the requirements for the approval of cookies, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party stated that the following cookies were permissible:
    • User cookies (session ID) such as first-party cookies to track the user's entries when filling in online forms, shopping baskets etc. for the duration of a session, or permanent cookies which are restricted to a few hours in some cases
    • Authentication cookies to identify the user after login and for the duration of a session
    • User-centred security cookies used for a limited time period to identify authentication errors
    • Player cookies for multimedia content used to store technical data related to the playback of video or audio content for the duration of a sessions
    • Load-balancing cookies for the duration of the session
    • Cookies for user interface modification, e.g. language or font settings, for the duration of a session (or somewhat longer)
    • Social plug-in cookies for sharing from third-party providers for logged-in users of a social network.

    The user's consent is also required for saving cookies, e.g. for statistical purposes as well as for preference and marketing cookies

  12. What cookies are used when booking through third party platforms?
    • Sabre Austria GmbH, Wiedner Hauptstraße 124, 1050 Vienna, Austria
      Only cookies that are technically necessary for the use of the services are stored.
    • Travel- click, International Headquarters Via Augusta, 117 Barcelona 08006 Spain
      Only cookies that are technically necessary for the use of the services are stored.

  13. Which cookies are used to analyze user behavior?
    Provider and Purpose:
    HubSpot Inc.
    HubSpot is used to manage user data in databases and as a service for managing email addresses and sending marketing information. Furthermore, HubSpot's analytics service is used.

    More information & data collected:
The following cookies, categorized according to their name, function, respective service provider, storage period and, if assignable, category, are additionally used on This information is provided by Hubspot, see: here .

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