Vienna House Diplomat Prague

Enter the online era with us

Introducing the new virtual studio with a green wall in the Golden City of Prague. Entertain your partners during a live cooking show, bond with your colleagues on a virtual teambuilding, present to your partners in a new and interactive way. Connect from Prague to anywhere in the world. Our professional team is at your disposal to achieve the goals. 

Want more information? Scroll down, see the video or download the factsheet below. 



  • Cooking classes

    Organize a fun cooking class and bring participants to the Mediterranean shores or Japanese garden. Leave all the planning to us, our professional culinary team will come up with ideas individually suited to your needs and wishes. The participants have nothing to worry, they can interactively ask anything, show the chef their creations or problems. All they need is an internet connection and kitchen. 

  • Teambuildings

    Get crafty, exercise, dance, mix drinks or cook together! We are all very separated from our team mates lately and virtual studio is a great opportunity to break this. Our skilled event team will help you come up with interesting ideas and execute the whole event. Record it to have a fun team souvenir.

  • Presentations

    Presentations can be boring, but not with the virtual studio. Add interactive videos, charts, show pictures and zoom to the relevant information. Communicate with the participants and see them live. You can even record the whole presentation to use it later again.

  • Hybrid meetings

    Ready for hybrid meeting options? We are! The prerequisites are large spaces where safe distancing is followed, special setups are done and individually "packaged" coffee breaks are offered. So full service for participants in hotel and the best possible connection for participants online. The hotel space is ideal for that.

  • Conferences

    Use the advantage of the hotel areas and hold your conference in the different settings. Or create a creative set up right in the studio. The professional event team is at your hand to help you with everything.

  • Social events

    Gala event or a ball seems like a myth nowadays. Do your hair, make up, dress up and show up in front of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. We will create a special celebratory package for your participants, and they can celebrate with you from their homes. You can even organize a concert for them or an artistic performance and broadcast it.