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A smart choice...

.....that you drive an e-car and chose Vienna House Diplomat Prague, a place where ecological thinking gets rewarded!

For hotel guests

Vienna House Diplomat Prague provides you with the opportunity to charge your e-car in the hotel garage. You only have to pay the usual parking fee.  Payment and unblocking of the parking ticket will be provided at the reception. Simply contact the reception team, who will be happy to assist you with connection and disconnection after charging.

Phone: +420 296 559 111 

For guests with local PRE Account

If you have a PRE chip/RFID card, you can use the charging station, too. The consumed kW will be charged on your quarterly bill from Prazska Energetika, a.s. Parking in the hotel garage is charged 70 CZK/ hour. Please bring the parking card to the reception when you want to leave.

The charging station is designed for charging one electric car at a time and enables standard charging of up to 1 x 16A, or the faster Mennekes for up to 3 x 32A. Please note that the charging cable is not available at the station.

Pre Point