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Kids @ Vienna House

Hotels are soooo boring! Elevator up, elevator down. A room, a bed, a suitcase. Ha! Not at Vienna House! Here they’ve thought of everything so that parents and children feel right at home and the kids have enough fun during their stay.

Kids places2be @ Bad Oeynhausen

Joh's an expert in finding new and exciting places where kids can have fun. There's so much to discover in and around Bad Oeynhausen. Here are Joh's favourite places:

  • Bali Therme

    Ever been to Bali? No? Well, here's your chance to discover the special island feeling at Bali Therme in Bad Oeynhausen. Splash about the water and try out all the slides! The spa's mascot, the little monkey Balino, will show you all the fun things there are to do. Bali Therme is also open on Saturdays and holidays.

    More information here
  • Pott's Park - fun for the whole family

    Potts Park in Minden must be the world's most original recreational park. There's no way kids will be bored here - it's fun, adventurous, entertaining and even educational. The science centre with its unique "Giant's Flat", the famous Turbo Dragon, a family coaster and a log ride are just some of the exciting adventures in the park. So what are you waiting for? Off to Potts Park!

    More information here
  • H2O Herford waterpark

    The H2O Herford waterpark has lots to offer: as well as two spectacular water slides and a whitewater channel, there's also the lure of Tabokiri jungle island with a real jungle, diving grotto and an old wooden sailing ship. Lots of adventures and exciting games await on the second Saturday of each month. 

    More information here
  • Herford Animal Park

    If you love watching or petting animals, then this is the place for you. The Herford Animal Park is home to a diversity of local and exotic animals. The large petting zoo and the meerkat enclosure offer an extra amount of fun for big and small. If you want, you can celebrate your birthday here surrounded by your favourite animals. So come on down and "whisper" with the animals!

    More information here