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My story
How I came to Vienna House

Do you know who I am? How I came to Vienna House? What I'm up to around here?
Come closer, I'll tell you!

They say I come from far, far away. But no one knows for sure. Not even me. I was asleep for too long – in an old, dusty travelling case that had lain forgotten in the back of the storage room. One morning I was awakened when a cheeky young lad – a curious bellboy – secretly opened the case and had a look inside. That was my first friend at Vienna House and we had lots of fun together. Today he's a hotel manager and doesn't have that much time for me anymore. So I'm always on the lookout for new playmates to have fun with.

I have magic powers: I can make myself invisible whenever I want. And with my invisibility mask, I can also read people's thoughts and always know who I should play a trick on. After all, someone has to take care of all the fun, don't they? But what I like most is to unfurl my cool wingsuit, zip through the corridors and rooms, or from city to city, on the lookout for excitement and mischief.

I feel so at home at Vienna House that I decided to move in for good. I have breakfast at Vienna House Amber Baltic, where they've got the most delicious croissants and a fantastic view of the sea. For playtime, you'll find me at Magic Circus Hotel at Disneyland®  Paris or at Legoland® Günzburg. And when I'm really hungry, I whizz on over to Berlin, where apprentice chef Hubert makes the spaghetti just like I like it: with lots of tomato sauce!

Perhaps you’ll see me dash through the halls or suddenly appear sitting next to you in the restaurant using my invisibility mask. Or maybe you’ll just hear a loud noise, some clattering and a mischievous laugh. Did someone just drop the dishes again? Or was it me? We could have lots of fun together! When you come to visit at Vienna House, a little surprise will be waiting for you. See you soon!