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Kids @ Vienna House

Hotels are soooo boring! Elevator up, elevator down. A room, a bed, a suitcase. Ha! Not at Vienna House! Here they’ve thought of everything so that parents and children feel right at home and the kids have enough fun during their stay.

A city trip to Berlin or Prague or a fun trip to Legoland® at Günzburg – nothing stands in the way of good times together with your family. The hotel team will take care of your individual needs during your stay. You don't need to have deep pockets: the little ones stay for free up to the third birthday. And even for the bigger kids up to 13 there are no extra costs in case the child is spleeping in the parents' bed. An extra bed is available in some room categories - please inquire with the hotel team in advance! 

Joh? Who's Joh?

Joh is a little cheeky goblin who escaped from an old, dusty travel case and has been hiding at Vienna House ever since. With his playful mischief, he’s got plenty of fun ideas to keep the kids entertained. He can make himself invisible and with his red wingsuit he flies from one Vienna House to another as fast as lightning. So come on by and send the kids off looking for Joh. Read the whole story of Joh!

Only for kids!

If you can’t wait until you arrive, you can get the fun started online at Joh’s fun’n’games website. 

Ready, set, go!

Kids places2be @ Landsberg

Joh's an expert in finding new and exciting places where kids can have fun. There's so much to discover around Landsberg. Here are Joh's favourite places:

  • The only true fairy tale castle

    Neuschwanstein Castle must be the world's most famous fairy tale castle. At the very least, you've probably seen a picture of it once. About 60 minutes from the hotel by car, the castle is perched majestically and mystically on a rocky outcrop against a stunning scenery. Good fun for the kids is to count all the towers and gables - there's plenty of them! An exciting destination for the entire family.

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  • A medieval experience

    Here's a chance for your kids to be knights or court jesters within the old medieval walls of Kaltenberg Castle. The highlight of the Kaltenberg experience are the Knights' Tournaments in July when the knights battle each other on horseback, the jesters entertain the audience and the traders sell their fantastic handicrafts. The children will meet magicians, storytellers, damsels and lyre players. For an even more authentic experience, come in costume - you won't stand out. Don't forget to enjoy a medieval meal and drink at the tavern.

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  • A ticket to ride

    Allgäuer Skyline Park is less than 30 minutes from the hotel. The rollercoasters - fun for big and small - will get your adrenaline flowing. Lots of fun for the little ones and a big splash is the log ride. Here's a little tip: come during the week when the lines for the more than 45 rides aren't so long.

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