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Kids @ Vienna House

Hotels are soooo boring! Elevator up, elevator down. A room, a bed, a suitcase. Ha! Not at Vienna House! Here they’ve thought of everything so that parents and children feel right at home and the kids have enough fun during their stay.

Ready and waiting!

Vienna House offers everything for travelling with kids, a travel bed with children's bedding, a buggy to borrow, special equipment for children in the rooms, VIP treatment for the kids with game ideas and a little surprise gift. Everything is ready and you can enjoy your journey. Joh will take care of the rest ... a lot of fun!

Joh? Who's Joh?

Joh escaped from an old, dusty travel case and has been hiding at Vienna House ever since. With his playful mischief, he’s got plenty of fun ideas to keep the kids entertained. He can make himself invisible and with his red wingsuit he flies from one Vienna House to another as fast as lightning. So come on by and send the kids off looking for Joh.

Pretty cool!

You don't need to have deep pockets! The little ones stay for free up to the age of 3. And even for the bigger kids up to 14, you can choose from an extra bed at a lower price or a discounted rate for a separate room with connecting door.

Only for kids!

If you can’t wait until you arrive, you can get the fun started online at Joh’s fun’n’games website. 

On your marks, ready, set, go!
Kids places2be @ Leipzig

Joh's an expert in finding new and exciting places where kids can have fun. There's so much to discover in and around Leipzig. Here are Joh's favourite places:

  • Climbing forest Leipzig

    Ever jumped out of a treetop like Tarzan into a net? Balanced at a breathtaking height over swaying ropes, bridges and beams? Raced on a zip line to the earth in a spider web? Never? But then into the climbing forest and up to the tree - in the climbing forest Leipzig! Minimum age 6 years and 1.10m size for the small course.

    More information here
  • Natural History Museum

    The museum is around 100 years old and collects, researches and preserves the natural resources of North West Saxony in the fields of geology, biology and archeology. An important focus is the presentation of the problems of environmental and nature conservation. The collections contain u. a. valuable evidence of extinct plant and animal species. Various exhibitions inform you about the epochs of the earth's history, the emergence of cultural landscapes and the habitats of northwest Saxony. Employees and museum educators provide extensive knowledge of nature and the environment, especially among children and adolescents. The permanent exhibition is currently open for individual visitors only on weekends and public holidays as well as during school holidays. During the week, it is reserved for educational activities and groups.

    More information here
  • Panometer

    This panorama takes you on a journey to the foreign world of the microcosmos. Look out on a Leipzig garden from the pistil of a chamomile blossom. From the perspective of a grain of pollen, you can observe a giant bee as it pollinates the flower and discover the universe behind a flower calyx. A familiar world will unfold before your eyes in a completely new way, as if under a gigantic microscope.

    More information here
  • UNIKATUM Children's Museum

    The UNIKATUM Children's Museum Leipzig offers interactive entertainment in an exciting way entertainment and cultural education for children and adults. Presented are experimental and game worlds on social topics. The theme worlds of the exhibitions discover the visitors in the sense of accessible picture books. Interactive stations invite you to experiment and & think outside the box, leaving room for visitors to add their own thoughts.  The exhibitions are bilingual in German and English. In addition to the interactive exhibitions, the UNIKATUM Children's Museum also offers children's birthday parties and the Sunday family breakfast in its own museum café with play area.

    More information here
  • Zoo Leipzig

    Visit our great zoo with over 850 species in six different theme worlds. You can hike through the Gründergarten or take a boat through the Gondwanaland. You can see elephants bathing in Asia or roaming Africa and South America. In the bear castle you can play great.

    More information here