Finland up close

"Fascination Finland - Northern Lights, Santa & 1000 Lakes"

Finland, the sparsely populated country in north-eastern Europe, is still a great unknown for many Central Europeans. For René Schwarz it is his second home. The bilingual blogger has spent countless summers in a Mökki, the typical Finnish holiday home by the lake. The peace and relaxation he finds in the midst of Finnish nature is something unique for him.

19.03.2020, 8 pm

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15 stories from 15 countries!

"Around the world with Benjamin Diedering!"

Benjamin Diedering is a passionate photographer. He has been travelling the world for over ten years. He works for campaigns of large and small companies, takes pictures of stars at festivals and experiences exciting and bizarre situations again and again. With the camera at the ready, of course.

25.03.2020, 8 pm

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