The Wild Balkans

Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo

Why is the Mercedes density in no other country as high as in poor Albania? What can be seen behind the scenes in Macedonia? Why is it worth visiting Kosovo? Which well-known classic was filmed in the mountains of Bosnia? And why is this region worth a short but wonderful road trip? An exciting travel lecture with lots of interesting facts about the region.

21.01.2020, 20.00 o'clock

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Adventures on the edge of Europe

 A travelogue by Mathias Vatterodt. Mathias, passionate traveller, leisure photographer and hobby adventurer, already travelled the country of Georgia on his world trip to India in 2016 / 2017. In 2019 he plunged even deeper into the dreamlike land of the Caucasus on another adventure trip through Georgia. And he came back rich, with images that get under your skin.

06.02.2020, 20.00 o'clock

Tickets in advance.