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Kids @ Vienna House

Hotels are soooo boring! Elevator up, elevator down. A room, a bed, a suitcase. Ha! Not at Vienna House! Here they’ve thought of everything so that parents and children feel right at home and the kids have enough fun during their stay.

Kids places2be @ Neckarsulm

Joh's an expert in finding new and exciting places where kids can have fun. There's so much to discover around Neckarsulm. Here are Joh's favourite places:

  • Gone caving

    Descend into magically beautiful underground worlds and experience what it's like to be a cave explorer. Kids will enjoy discovering new faces and figures in the bizarre rock formations as they let their imagination run wild. Giant caverns, low tunnels, echoes reverberating throughout the dark niches - that's plenty of food for fantasy! The visitor's centre offers a fascinating geologic history of our Earth - and a bit of fun on the cave slide!

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  • Tripsdrill Theme and Wildlife Park

    The Tripsdrill Theme and Wildlife Park is located in Tripsdrill, about 30 minutes from the hotel. A highlight of the park is the catapult rollercoaster ride Karacho and the all-weather 1,000 m² fun area. In the wildlife park, you'll find bears, wolves, foxes, ferrets and 40 other types of animals. Take a peek behind the scenes on a feeding tour with a wildlife caretaker. 

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  • An aquatic paradise

    Pure aquatic enjoyment - no matter what the weather. The aquatic paradise of Aquatoll in Neckarsulm offers fun for the whole family. Kids can take mermaid lessons or go wild in the pirate world. A once-in-a-lifetime world of adventure and playtime awaits. A highlight is the 70 m long white water river.

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  • Where does salt come from?

    Where does salt come from? Either from the sea - after all, seawater tastes salty - or from a salt mine. Climb into a pit cage and descend into the underground world of the salt miners of Friedrichshall. Discover the fascination of the mine in interactive experiments, a blasting demonstration and a laser show in the domed auditorium. Time to be amazed! 

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