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On 1 June, Vienna House goes to the kids!

For World Children’s Day on 1 June, kids will be taking over at Vienna House and will experience for themselves what goes on behind the scenes at a hotel. What child wouldn’t want to be hotel director for a day, make decisions, bake a pizza in an enormous kitchen, explore the hotel on a scavenger hunt or transform the lobby into a giant playground?

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  • Power to the kids!

    On the occasion of Children’s Day, kids will take over the management of the Vienna House hotels. What do the young guests want most? Fun and entertainment! So the kids have teamed up with Joh, the little imp who loves causing mischief at the hotels, to plan fun parties and exciting games for the youngest guests. If you can’t find any information about the Vienna House near you, please feel free to contact the hotel directly.

  • Little imps in Berlin

    At andel’s by Vienna House and Vienna House Easy Berlin, kids have the say. But can they find Joh? The little imp loves playing tricks and causing mischief – and on 1 June, from early in the morning until six in the evening, he’s hiding in the lobby of the hotel. All kids are invited to come look for him on Children’s Day. Six-to-twelve-year-olds are welcome to decorate doughnuts and cakes at a special baking station. Joh will be there, too. He can pop up anywhere – as a breakfast assistant or in the kitchen.

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  • Fun all around

    The fifth graders from Bad Oeynhausen’s secondary school will take responsibility for the entire Vienna House Easy on 1 June. In small groups, they’ll conjure up a special kids’ breakfast, beautify the kids’ corners in the family rooms, colour the walls, check guests in and out, and look for defect lamps while a group of mini hotel directors oversees it all. Then there’ll be a scavenger hunt to look for Joh. The hotel is excited to hear what the kids have to say. Who knows: Maybe there’ll be a cool new idea or two.

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  • Largest hotel playground in Lodz

    On 3 June, a special reception for kids and by kids will welcome the young guests at andel’s by Vienna House Lodz. The littlest ones can play on the large playground in the lobby while the older kids, as mini hotel directors and in other roles, will search the entire hotel looking for Joh. At each station, there will be a little surprise with a clue… followed by a big brunch as a reward.

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  • Fun, games and more

    Vienna House QF Dresden is inviting child refugees and seriously ill children to spend a fun and exciting afternoon at the hotel on Children’s Day. In hotel uniforms, the kids will bake a cake, mix juice cocktails, fold serviettes, draw and write stories about the hotel, look for hotel imp Joh during a scavenger hunt and accompany the guests to their rooms. Two children will be chosen as mini hotel directors. Who? That will be decided with a little game.

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  • Where children’s dreams come true

    At Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland® Paris, children always wield the sceptre. Even before it’s Children’s Day, the kids here will already decide what goes on the menu, how to check in and what the breakfast buffet will look like – so that everything is perfect for the hotel party on 1 June. There will be a big funfair in the garden, yummy cocktails for kids at the bar and – in the evening – a fun party for hotel guests and parent bloggers with their kids.

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  • Early practice makes the master

    Vienna House Easy Landsberg shows the local kindergarten kids what it’s like to work at a hotel:

    From the kitchen to the guest rooms and the conference area, the mini hotel directors and chefs will be making muesli and jams while playfully checking that everything in the guest and meeting rooms is in order. Who’s the fastest waiter? The kids will find out on an exciting obstacle course. Always there: Joh, the little hotel imp who is up to his playful mischief.

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  • Mini chefs in Cracow

    Children ages 6–12 will be meeting at the restaurant of andel’s by Vienna House Cracow at 4.00 p.m. on 1 June. Dressed in hotel uniforms, with their own areas of responsibility and assisted by skilled employees, the kids will make decisions in the kitchen or at the bar, at the reception or in housekeeping. Every time they solve another challenge, they’re rewarded with a puzzle piece of Joh, the little imp who loves playing tricks in the hotel. The littlest guests are invited for fun and games in the restaurant.

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And that’s not all

With 1 June 2017, all Vienna House hotels will be introducing a whole new children’s offer with child-friendly amenities in the guest rooms like travel beds and children’s bedding, plus VIP kid’s treatments, tips for cool day trips, delicious kids’ menus and little surprises so boredom doesn’t stand a chance!

Come on by and help us find Joh – the little imp who is hiding in the hotel and is always playing tricks – and see how much fun the children can have! Everything is ready so you can start your trip worry-free! Joh will take care of the rest...

Vienna House looks forward to welcoming its guests big and small!

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