Just for kids!

Hotels are soooo boring! Elevator up, elevator down. A room, a bed, a suitcase. Too many people. Well, that's what I thought too! But then I landed at Vienna House. And now I don't ever want to leave. 

I love zipping through the halls and teasing my friend the hotel manager when he's on the phone. Or I make myself invisible and play tricks on the guests – but only the boring ones!

Come visit me – you'll like it here. I'll make sure of that! I've already packed everything we need to have fun together. My friend at the reception will give it to you when you come. Or would you rather play online? You can find all my favourite games here or in the Kids Area of the mobile concierge. Grab your parents' phone and switch on the WiFi. It's free!


I love to play hide-and-seek. Maybe you'll find me someplace. In the halls, in the bathroom or in the restaurant? Count to 10 and when you find me, you'll get a little prize when visiting me in the hotel!!

my friThere's no way you'll be bored when we play together! And anyway, I know where you can find the really good "kids places2be" in the area. I can tell you all about them here.