15th anniversary
of Vienna House Magic Circus Paris

What’s happening in 2018?

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of
Vienna House Magic Circus Paris!

Do you think you know everything about the hotel?
Let’s find out!

15 fun facts!

  1. More than 54% of the guests of the hotel are French.
  2. The 124 members of staff come from 22 countries.
  3. The most popular drink at Bar des Artistes is the pint of beer,
    followed by Pepsi.
  4. Chicken nuggets with fries are kids’ favorite meal at Bar des Artistes.
  5. The construction work of the hotel lasted 19 months
    (from October 2001 until May 2003).
  6. On November 16th 2009, a real circus stayed at the hotel.
  7. Three meeting rooms at the hotel are named after characters from famous commedia dell’arte: Pierrot, Colombine and Arlequin.

  1. Guest can stay in 396 rooms; three of them are the Tower Suites
    up in the main tower of the mansion.
  2. Up to 630 people can eat at the restaurant and bar.
  3. The framed photos in the corridors are from the French circus
    Alexis Gruss
  4. There are 630 stairs in the hotel.
  5. There are more than 70 castles to visit in the region of the hotel,
    and even more if you count the ones at Disneyland® Paris!
  6. The biggest convention ever at the hotel was the 100th M&I Forum,
    with 600 people participating.
  7. On the all-you-can-eat buffet of L’Étoile restaurant, the most popular
    meal is the veal stew with olives.
  8. There are two Vienna House hotels in Disneyland® Paris;
    Vienna House Dream Castle Paris hotel is right next door.




  • October 2001: Construction begins.
  • May 28th 2003: Inauguration of the hotel.
  • November 16th 2009: Inauguration of the hotel with the new name, Magic Circus, at the end of the refurbishment of the whole property with more theming.
  • May 22nd 2015: Hotels Vienna House Magic Circus et Dream Castle have a new Instagram page.
  • March 17th 2016: House Warming Party to celebrate the new « Vienna House » concept.

  • March 30th 2017: Party night during the 100th M&I Forum.
  • June 1st 2017: Here comes Joh, the mischievous little goblin
    who loves to have fun and play with kids.
  • November 20th 2017: « Children’s Smiles » exhibit in the lobby for Universal Children's Day.
  • May 28th 2018: Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the hotel
    with all the employees.
  • What’s next in 2018: Brand new theming at the Bar des Artistes
    and the front office lobby.