For beginners as well as professionals

Cycling in Dornbirn

Whether you’re a mountain biker, race cyclist or simply a cycling enthusiast – the beautiful region surrounding the lake of constance offers something for everyone. Be it long, flat routes, steep and demanding challenges taking you up our mountains or leisurly tours. Thanks to the very well established infrastructure such as the „bike bus“ (Radbus), even a combination of all this is possible! 

Bike rental in Dornbirn

Once you’ve rented your E-Bike from the hotel, your adventure can begin!

The rental bikes are serviced regularly for you to have the best experience possible! 
By the way: The bike rental service is not only for hotel guests but can be used by anyone!  

Current offer
E-bike at the daily rate of EUR 39 per bike 
E-bike business rate from 5 to 9 pm of EUR 19 per bike

Reservation required? To ensure that the bike of your choice will be available on the day of your trip, please contact the hotelteam!

  • After-work tour (30km, 600m in altitude)

    Starting directly at the hotel, this route takes you from Wolfurt to Buch to Oberbildstein, which is home to the highlight of the tour, the Basilika Maria Bildstein and offers a breathtaking view over Lake Constance and the Rhine Valley!

  • Rhine Valley to Feldkirch

    Whether through the valley or next to the river, starting at the hotel, this leisurly route takes you to Feldkirch and its stunning medieval town centre. The flatand long routes are perfectly suited for road cycling and offer a beautiful view of our mountains! Outward and return journey can be taken by train!  

  • (In)to the lake (12km or more)

    Start your tour at the hotel and spend your day on the shores of Lake Constance. If you want to extend your bike ride on the shore, this tour can be expanded to Germany or Switzerland. Too tired to ride back? Take the train, or even better, the boat back home! 

Tips & Inspiration

The following links provide useful information, route plans and more!