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Event space
See the possibilities

Just think about it: 180 m² of well-lit conference and meeting space on the ground floor. The design is modern, minimalistic and serene. Therefore, it's perfect for example for product presentations – no bright colours or busy patterns to distract your audience. Green accents of living plants freshen up the look and provide oxygen for your brain. Greenhouse restaurant, which opens up to the conference foyer, looks accordingly to the name. Certainly, a great place to catch a break and recharge your batteries. During summer, enjoy also the piazza-style terrace located just outside the restaurant – cameral and quiet, it will allow you to escape the reality for a while.

Layout of meeting rooms

The space is divided into 4 rooms of which 3 can be combined into one. All rooms open up to the conference foyer, adjacent to the lobby bar on one side and Greenhouse restaurant on the other. Above all, the whole ground floor is very airy and gives the impression of openness, with specific areas blending seemingly into each other.

Exemplary seating styles

Rows of chairs, a desk for each participant, an U-shaped layout or one large table surrounded by seats? See how many people will fit in the space depending on the arrangement.

Enlighten yourself

Natural daylight is indispensable for the proper brain function – that's a scientific fact. In Vienna House Mokotow Warsaw you can get all the light you want – floor-to-ceiling windows will provide the right amount of luxes. In addition, the view from them will rest your eyes during lengthy presentations. But when it gets too sunny or you need to darken the room – thick material curtains will do the job.

The art of mix and mingle

Conference foyer that opens to the lobby bar – what better place to talk business when you don't want it to be formal, but rather like a casual conversation with a drink in hand? To begin with, let the stylish design of the area work its magic and put your clients into the right mood – and half of the work is done. After that, offer them a refined cocktail prepared by a talented bartender – and the deal could be smoothly closed!


Do you have questions about the space?

Need to discuss the arrangement possibilities? Please contact the Vienna House specialists.


Magdalena Bogusław
Convention Coordinator

[email protected]

+48 885 023 212