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Explore Lodz
Who doesn't discover anything...

Located in the old factory buildings of the former Poznanski textile factory, the Manufaktura complex is today Poland's largest shopping, arts and leisure centre. A striking example of how tradition and modernity can co-exist. The Manufaktura is a key part of everyday life in this part of the city.

The exact location

Right in the centre of town. Vienna House Andel’s Lodz is part of the Manufaktura complex, Poland's largest shopping centre. Piotrkowska Street – Europe's longest promenade and the place to see and be seen – is just a few minutes' walk from the hotel. If you're arriving by car, simply follow your satnav. You can't miss the building's red brick facade.

  • Pasaż Róży (Rosa’s Passage)

    – in one of the courtyards in Lodz (ul. Piotrkowska 3) you will find Pasaż Róży, where the building walls are covered with millions of irregularly shaped mirrors. The author of the installation, artist Joanna Rajkowska, covered the entire walls of the buildings with a mirror mosaic, which generates an impressive visual effect and completely transforms the surroundings of the former dark and grey courtyard. Thanks to millions of mirror pieces, parts of the surroundings, the sky and the guests visiting the place are reflected from each side. In most cases, visitors come to admire this space and kaleidoscopic perspective, but they also want to capture this delightful, bright and magical place in a photo.

    In addition, this project has a personal meaning to the artist. “The Rosa’s Passage” presents the difficult path that her daughter Róża went through– from not seeing to seeing.

  • Tram station ‘Unicorn Stable’

    The fairy-tale-looking shelter of the Piotrkowska Centrum tram stop, christened by the inhabitants of Łódź as ‘Unicorn Stable’, under a colorful roof made of a membrane, is able to accommodate eight trams at the same time. The structure was designed by Jan Gałecki, who in his works refers to the Art Nouveau style of Łódź. For some, the stop is also reminiscent of gothic cathedrals with its nave layout and slender columns.

    In 2019, a unicorn statue by the Japanese artist Tomohiro Inaba was unveiled near the station. Like all of Inaba's works, it is distinguished by a characteristic appearance – it gives the impression that it is melting into thin air.

    Fot. UMŁ

  • Botanic Garden in Lodz

    Situated in an area adjacent to the Na Zdrowiu Park, it covers 67 hectares of land full of original plants and over 3.5 thousand species! They are scattered throughout the park and thematically collected. You can admire a minimalist Japanese garden, a picturesque alpine garden with rocks and mountain species, and an arboretum where scientific research on the morphology and development of plants is carried out. For a picturesque walk – at any time of the year – the perfect choice!

    Fot. K. Biadasiewicz


    Over the last decade, over 80 large-format murals have been painted in Lodz, creating an unusual gallery of art placed in public space. It consists of original works created by leading street artists from all of the world, including Brazil, Australia, Chile, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Belgium and Poland. The international portal placed Lodz in 2nd place among the 20 cities with the most interesting art exhibition in open space. Visiting Lodz, it is worth seeing well-known and admired not only in the country, but also around the world, large-format graffitis, which have already become a part of the city.

    Fot. P. Miłek/ŁOT


    Łagiewniki Forest is one of the largest municipal forests in Europe. It has an area of approx. 1200 ha and is a remnant of the former Lodz Forest, which existed in the city and in the vicinity 200 years ago. The Bzura river has its sources here, which further creates three larger water reservoirs Arturówek (the largest recreation and leisure area in Lodz). In the forest there are two baroque wooden chapels of St. Roch and St. Sebastian and St. Anthony. The surrounding hiking and cycling routes encourage active forms of tourism. A visit to this idyllic land is a great idea for a weekend getaway.

  • The whole of Lodz!

    Lonely Planet announced the most recommended travel destinations in the world for 2019. In the category „Best Value” Lodz was placed on 2nd position, just after the South Nile Valley in Egypt. Lonely Planet lists a few attractions in Lodz, which can not be missed! Tyrolka, a rope ride over the Market Square in Manufaktura, a visit at the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station (which is a unique piece of art) or a rickshaw ride along Piotrkowska Street.

  • The EC1 Complex

    The EC1 complex is a cultural and artistic centre in Lodz which allows people to spend their free time in wise and inspiring ways. EC1 takes its name from its original incarnation as the city's first heating and power plant. Its revitalised buildings are home to the National Centre for Film Culture, the Centre for Comics as well as the Science and Technology Centre. Its Planetarium was announced as the New Wonder of Poland by the National Geographic magazine. 

  • Manufaktura

    There is more than just a shopping centre in this complex of red-brick buildings, which was a 19th-century textile mill. Now it's the cultural and entertainment centre of Lodz. There are cafés, restaurants, bowling lanes, a multiplex cinema and a handful of worthwhile museums, including the MS2 Museum of Art - with impressive experimental and avantgarde art collection. And here is where the Vienna House Andel’s Lodz is located too :)

  • Off Piotrkowska Street - The center of creative industries

    This unique nationwide project brings together representatives from the various creative industries. Fashion studios, designers, architects, music clubs, restaurants, exhibition spaces, rehearsal rooms, showrooms, a concept store and a clubhouse can all be found here under a single roof.

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  • Most romantic places

    Rudzka Góra offers you breathtaking panoramic views of Łódź. But this hill also gives you a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique and active way. Shoot down the toboggan run and afterwards warm up in the shepherd’s hut at the foot of the hill.


    Lodz is well known for its National Film, Television and Theatre School. So many of the country's films are made here that the city is often referred to as HollyLodz. The Museum of Cinematography is well worth a visit, as are Lodz's numerous galleries and museums.


    The history of Lodz has been formed by the Poles, Russians, Jews and Germans who all used to live here. Lodz is therefore often seen as a city of tolerance and diversity, and the various cultures that have left their mark here can still be felt today – in the St. Stanislav Kostka Cathedral, the Oskar Kon villa, the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, or Europe's largest Jewish cemetery.


    Like Hollywood's Walk of Fame, the long promenade of Lodz's Piotrkowska Street features inlaid stars dedicated to noted film folk – in this case, famous graduates of Lodz Film School. The street is equally well known for its plethora of bars and clubs. Many of these are tucked away in courtyards, so don't be afraid to explore!


    Children of all ages will find plenty to amuse themselves in Lodz – in the Experimentarium, for example, or in Jupipark, or the Botanical Gardens, where over 3,500 plant varieties occupy an area in excess of 60 hectares. Special children's tours are available.




Getting there

By train

  • From Lodz Kaliska station:
    Take bus no. 86 towards Rewolucji 1905r and get off at Prochnika/Gdanska. From there the hotel is about ten minutes' walk away.

    (Journey time: approx. 25 mins. Fare: approx. EUR 1.50*)

  • From Lodz Widzew:
    Take bus no. 85/85A/Z8 towards Szpital im. Korczaka and get off at Pilsudskiego/Szpital im. Korczaka. Then take bus no. 96 towards Rojna and get off at Zachodnia/Legionow. From there the hotel is 5-10 minutes' walk away.

    (Journey time: approx. 45 mins. Fare: approx. EUR 1.50*)

Plan your journey by train.

*Price quoted is for guidance only.

By air

  • From Lodz Wladyslaw Remont airport:
    Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont airport is only 10 km away. Take bus no. 65 to Wieckowskiego / Lipowa. From there it's about a 15 minute walk to the hotel.

    (Journey time: approx. 45 mins. Fare: approx. EUR 1.50*)

    Plan your journey by air

  • From Warsaw Chopin airport:
    The nearest international airport, Warsaw Chopin, is about 130 km away. The best way to get to the hotel from the airport is by car/taxi on the new motorway.

    (Journey time approx. 1.5 h)

    Plan your journey by air.

*Price quoted is for guidance only.

By car

  • From the south (Katowice):
    Take the E75/A1 and head north. Follow DK1/DK12/DK8 until it is possible to turn off to Trasa Gorna/DK1. Follow Wlokniarzy to Srebrzynska and turn right. Follow the main street until you reach Ogrodowa. The hotel will be on your left.

  • From the north (Poznan):
    Take the E75/A1 and head south. At Lodz Polnoc junction follow the directions to DK1/E75/A2/E30 and enter A2/DK1/E75. At the Strykow junction head towards DK1/E75/DK14/DK71 in the direction of Lodz/Warszawa/Zgierz. Exit the highway in Emilia and head towards Zgierz, and then Lodz. Follow Zgierska in Lodz southwards until you reach Manufaktura on your right.

  • From the west:
    Take the A2 and head east, take the Emilia exit and follow the DK91 through Zgierz. Follow Zgierska in Lodz southwards until you reach Manufaktura on your right.

  • From the east:
    Take the A2 and head west to DK1/DK14/E75, take the Strykow exit and follow the DK14. Turn left to E75 and follow Wlokniarzy to Srebrzynska and turn right. Follow the main street until you reach Ogrodowa. The hotel will be on your left.


The hotel has 100 parking spaces available. EUR 12 per day. 

Via personal transfer

For a stress-free journey to or from the hotel, ask the staff to organise a personal transfer for you.


Vienna House Andel’s Lodz
Ulica Ogrodowa 17, 91065 Lodz, Poland +48 42 279 10 00



  • Nearest bus stop: Zachodnia/Manufaktura: 100 m
  • Manufaktura shopping centre: 100 m
  • City centre: 600 m
  • Piotrkowska Street: 1.5 km
  • Lodz Fabryczna station: 3.5 km
  • Lodz Kaliska railway station: 4 km
  • Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont airport: 9 km
  • Exhibition centre: 3 km
  • Conference centre: 4 km
  • Warsaw Chopin airport: 130 km


Lat: 51.778609 | Lon: 19.448581