Investment Ranking 2016 – Vienna House named winner of the year

Vienna, 21.10.2016  – Vienna House, Austria’s largest hotel group, has been selected winner of the year in the TREUGAST Investment Ranking 2016.

The new strategic alignment and brand positioning, with measures introduced by CEO Rupert Simoner, was confirmed this year with an A rating.

Already in the same year as its rebranding, the Austrian hotel group Vienna House moved up in the TREUGAST Investment Ranking 2016 and improved its position from BBB to an A ranking. “This is further confirmation that we are on the right path,” says CEO Rupert Simoner, who since autumn 2014 has completely repositioned the company strategically, operationally and digitally as well as implementing a new brand strategy.

“The new positioning is unique on the market and covers a niche. The enormous interest and many top project enquiries show that our philosophy is in demand,” Simoner summarises his forecast. In the last three years, the company has bought and renovated 11 hotels. Six further hotel projects are currently in the design phase or in the process of being built. By the year 2022, Simoner wants to grow the portfolio to about 55 hotels. “I am already looking at the first properties outside of Europe and am reviewing enquiries from Asia and the Middle East. We will reach this goal,” Simoner adds.

In 2015 Vienna House was able to increase the revenue in its hotels to € 191 million and improve the company’s EBITDA by 25%. “In 2016 we will continue to experience growth that, thanks to higher rates and increased occupancy, will develop positively for 2016,” says Simoner. This growth is due to Vienna House building on guest loyalty, positioning itself as an attractive employer and constantly working on quality.